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What is CARE?

CARE is two fifteen bed residential care facilities located in Afton.  CARE is licensed by the Department of Inspections and Appeals.

Opportunities at CARE

Residents living at CARE may participate in Innovative Industries Day Habilitation program, the Work Service/Pre-Vocational program, or work on the janitorial crew through Innovative Industries Supported Employment program.

About CARE Staff

Our Staff is Trained

All staff have received training in CPR, first aid, mandatory reporting, medication management, consumer rights and HIPAA certification.  They have also received training as required by State and Federal regulations and accreditation requirements.

CARE has been very fortunate to have the commitment and cooperation of many health care providers, community members and elected official who help us to provide quality care and services.

Ensuring the Best Staff

Criminal, adult abuse and child abuse background checks plus drug tests are conducted prior to hiring of any CARE staff.

Events & Activites

Special Olympics

Des Moines Holly Jolly Lights

Disney on Ice

State Fair Contests

IMAX Theater

Corning Car Races

Ronald McDonald House - Pop Tab Donation

Graceland College Football Game

WWE Wrestling

SWCC Programs

Creston Sporting Events

McKinley Park Concerts

Farmers Market

East Union School Events

Afton Lawn Chair Night

Residents living at CARE have many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and be involved in community activities.  Events or activities residents have attended or participated in include but definitely is not limited to the following 

Referrals and Services

Referrals for CARE come from a variety of sources, including churches, family members, physicians, hospitals, social workers, community members, nursing homes, alliance members, and case managers.

Residential care is a choice for individuals needing program services but not nursing care in a community-based setting.

Program services provided by CARE include residential care, HCBS ID waiver services and habilitation services.

Contact CARE

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