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Support Services of South Central Iowa

Supporting people in gaining independent living

What is Support Services of South Central Iowa?

Support Services of South Central Iowa, LLC (SS of SCI) was started in 2001 to fill a need for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) in and around the Adair County area.  The LLC was formed and housed on the square in Greenfield where it continues to reside today serving individuals with disabilities.


The first waiver home opened in May 2002, which allowed SS of SCI to provide supported community living services to help individuals with their daily needs up to 24 hours a day and in the comfort of their own apartment or home shared with others.  Our services allow our consumers to become independent, integrated members of the community and assure that the services they receive are individualized and flexible to meet outcome-based goals.

Services offered by SS of SCI

HCBS/Supported Community Living

Services available depending on consumer needs to assist with their activities of daily living including budgeting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, hygiene, social skills, etc.

Respite Care

SS of SCI provides consumer services they need during respite hours in order to give the caregiver quality time away from their duties.

Consumer Directed Attendant Care

Assistance in activities of daily living to include needs that involve medical services.

Brain Injury

Assistance for those recuperating and adjusting to their lives after injury.

Habilitation Option

Habilitation Option services are given to those needing supported community living assistance in daily living.

Special Olympics

SS of SCI consumers have the opportunity to participate in Special Olympics through the Adair County Aces, which participates all year in various events including bowling, basketball skills and track and field.

About SS of SCI Staff

SS of SCI Staff are trained and certified in the following areas:


First Aid

Medication Management

Mandatory Reporting

HIPPA Certification

Monthly Training Sessions

Consumer Right Training

Others determined by State and Federal regulations and accreditation requirements.


Prior to employment SS of SCI Staff are screened for:

Criminal Background Check

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Dependent Adult Abuse Record Check

Child Abuse Record Check

About SS of SCI


Assists people with disabilities to become independent, integrated members of the community


Services are individualized and flexible to meet outcome-based goals of each consumer


Provides one-on-one training and support assisting individuals toward self-sufficient independence


Confidentiality and HIPPA rules and regulations are maintained at all times


Individual rights of the consumer are respected and advocated by our staff

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