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Innovative Industries

Work Services / Pre-Vocational

Designed for individuals to gain training skills.  Supports are available in areas such as community activities, social skills, personal care skills and many other areas of training.employmentstowards

Habilitation Services

Specially designed for individuals who have a mental health diagnosis and who benefits from supports to maintain their employment through our training site or in the community.  Work is an integral part of this program, but the focus is on development of appropriate supports and helping the individual gain techniques to use coping skills and learn good work habits to maintain employment in the community.

Day Habilitation

Designed for individuals who are interested in socialization and participating in activities in the community.  These individual wish to spend more time doing those things. This program is an alternative to work.

Employment Services

Designed for those individuals who wish to find employment in the community.  Services include various assessment programs (both inside and outside the training facilities), job development, job placement, transportation to work and job coaching.  Follow-along services are available to those who need them.

Supported Employment Enclave

Innovative contracts with businesses in Creston and Afton to provide cleaning services in the evening after the businesses close.  A supervisor provides transportation and supervision of all work performed.

Setting Individual Service Goals

Every client working for Innovative Industries will develop work goals with his/her program coordinator. They will be reviewed for progress annual with the program coordinator, case manager as well as residential programs and guardians if applicable.  Some of the goals may fall under the categories of following directions, attending to tasks, and/or safety/mobility. All goals are individually based and designed to aid each person reach their highest employment potential problem solving

Innovative Industries Staff

Ensuring the Best Staff

Criminal, adult abuse and child abuse background checks plus drug tests are conducted prior to hiring of any Innovative Industries staff.

Our Staff is Trained

All staff have received training in CPR, first aid, mandatory reporting, medication management, consumer rights and HIPAA certification.  They have also received training as required by State and Federal regulations and accreditation requirements.

Innovative Industries, Inc.

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